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Product Development

Product Development

The Winning Team To Turn A Concept Into A Blockbuster!
Over the years, Tristar Products has specialized in taking products from concept to national and international sales domination. Through this process of product design and development, our engineering team and factory partnerships manage all aspects of product development to ensure the highest quality products at the best possible price. Our high customer satisfaction and distributer preferences for Tristar Products reflect this focus on creating the best and delivering our promise.

We specialize in design development to optimize our solutions for everyday problems. Our facility can deliver cutting-edge 3-D prototype print outs and our marketing and engineering teams work directly with the manufacturers to move from concept to finished product in record time. We have the capital to invest in high quality manufacturing to meet the international demands that our products create. We do it all and you can count on us to deliver.

In-House Production Studio

Turn-Key On Site Production Studio
The Tristar creative and production team is comprised of some of the most talented people in the industry. Our creative TV group has over 100 years of combined experience producing spots and infomercials for clients around the world. Their short form direct responsive television (DR TV) spots and long form infomercials repeatedly generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue year after year.

The Tristar Media Center encompasses 65,000 square feet and is one of the largest facilities on the East Coast. Tristar is the only direct-response tv company that has its own production studios, state-of-the-art editing suites, and an award-winning creative team to manage your project. From getting talent, the best celebrities, and the most engaging production sets is just part of the DR TV production services we provide!

Print Design

Multi-Media Proficiency Maximizes Every Campaign
Tristar Products hosts an entire department of award-winning designers who have distinguished themselves across many types of media. Our print design team stands out above all others with eye-catching layouts and visual compositions that reach out and command attention.

Their print work generates maximum impact and extends our marketing success into market segments that are not effectively reached with only television. We place great value on media production, which is integral to our product development process. You have access to the best and most experienced design team, making our products engage the consumer and generate passion for sales.

Digital Design

Ahead Of The Curve With Digital Innovation
You may think that digital advertising is the wave of the future when it comes to new product development strategy. Tristar Products adopted digital advertising early, and we are perfecting our techniques now. The internet, social media, email, and mobile are emerging forums that open new ways to touch our customers and offer our products. We are leading the advancement and evolution of this growing media. Our digital design team specializes in high-impact websites, sales-generating email campaigns, social media outreach, and even highly successful mobile applications.

Advertising and marketing is in a constant state of evolution, and the visionary team at Tristar Products embraces the new digital media, and pioneers the development and advancement of this relatively new form of consumer outreach.

Social Media

The Road To Success Begins With Social Media
It used to be that Social Media was an afterthought. Not anymore. Now reviews, ratings, comments, “likes” and shares can dictate whether your product is a success or a failure. Social media has become a powerful force in giving a product the social proof that catapults it to maximum performance.

Tristar Products understands this trend, and we moved quickly to engage the leading social media experts to help us make the most of our social media presence. A great advertising strategy is no longer enough to generate a successful marketing campaign. Social media is essential to give our customers the proof and reinforcement to trust our products and depend on them to solve their everyday problems. We are an omni-response company, and know how to maximize social media with internet and television for a complete marketing strategy.

Customer Service

The Heart Of Our Success Is People
A wise person once said, “The customer is always right.” At Tristar, we value and treasure our customers and cater to them in every way possible. Our expert team of customer service professionals create and maintain our personal relationships with our customers and inspire their loyalty and trust for Tristar Products.

We quickly bring new customers on-board and develop long-term relationships with them. We know that there is nothing more valuable than a happy, satisfied customer, and we strive to make sure that everyone who buys our products has a rewarding experience that makes them eager to try us again and again.

Fulfillment Center

A Fulfillment Center That Excels
One of the most important challenges for any consumer products company is logistics and at Tristar Products, our fulfillment center excels at getting our products from here to there quickly and efficiently. We literally ship millions of units of hundreds of products every year. This takes a state-of-the-art operation that can handle anything from shipping container loads across the ocean to a single pressure cooker across town.

Our logistic capabilities include all seven continents, and distribution centers throughout the world. When it comes time to get products from point A to point B, Tristar delivers!


Protecting Ideas Preserves Our Future
At Tristar Products, we know that there is nothing more valuable than a great idea and our new product development strategy ensures it will see store shelves. That’s why our team of attorneys, engineers, and patent experts remain poised to patent and protect our intellectual property and our product designs. Keeping our products exclusive extends their value long into the future.

We know how to patent a product, and have the international resources to protect that patent worldwide in order to maximize profits during the entire product lifecycle.

We extend our ability to patent and protect products and ideas to our partners so that together we can maximize the value of a new invention or breakthrough product and profit from this solution year after year.

Have A Great Idea?